Before contacting a realtor or a homeowner directly, consider these tips.    

Know your budget range.  If your top number is $300,000 don't waste your time on homes for $500,000 as an example.  Are you ready to buy if you find a home that suits you?  Will you be a cash buyer or financing. 

Narrow down where you want to live .      

Have a good idea of the style of home you want to buy    condo, single family home for example

List  home features such as a pool, updated appliances, number of bedrooms, etc. that are important to you. 

If neighborhood amenities are important, make a list of the ones you really want such as tennis, pickleball, pool, golf

Do you want new construction or a resale home .  Or are you open to either. 

What local features are important, such as shopping, near highways and airport, hospitals, schools, places to eat to name a few.

The more answers you have the easier it will be for you and your realtor to save you time in locating the perfect home for you.