Here are some tips for renting your home.

1.  Understand rental rules of your community such as minimum days for a lease and  follow them.

2.  Check out the competition for like properties for pricing and inclusions and exclusions

3.  Most rental properties are turn-key meaning having plenty of linens, cookware, dishes and the like. 

4.  Let prospective tenants know up-front if you allow pets and smoking.  Most rentals do not allow pets or smoking.

5.  Be sure you disclose all costs such as taxes for rentals of less than 6 months, exit cleaning fee, damage deposit local costs for such as HOA, Town Center, Golf if available, etc. No one wants to be surprised.

6.  Decide if you want to rent on your own and be responsible for all aspects of renting including:

     Collecting and paying tourist taxes to state and county with your own accounts with       each

     Be sure tenant is able to enter and then leave property at end of lease

    Be sure tenant is properly registered with the community by coordinating forms     completion, collection of fees and delivery to HOA and other entities such as a Town Center.    Requirements will vary by community

7.   You can work with a real estate professional to take care of your rental for you.

8.  Please be sure your property is rent ready including taking care of potential problems that can be detected with a good inspection of heating and A/C units, appliances and the like.  Save you and your tenant headaches.