Getting Started includes determining the following


What type of home are you wanting to rent?   Condo, Carriage Home, Duplex. Single family home

Are you looking for a home with a pool?

When do you want to rent?  Seasonal  that includes January, February, March  

Off Season all other months   Prices are highest during the seasonal months and drop back considerably for off season months. 

How many months are you going to rent? Most owners are hoping for 3 months during the high season.  

If you want an Annual  Rental,  are you looking for  Furnished or Unfurnished

Think about your budget   Rentals of under 6 months and a day include an 11.5 % tourist tax on top of all the fees and rental amounts.  Example:  3 month rental at $3400 per month.  3 months equals $10,200   Then add $200 for the Town Center transfer, $100 for most HOA fees and $150 for most exit cleaning charges.  Add those together for a total of $10,650 and multiply for 11.5% for the tourist tax of $1224.75

For your information and budget planning: 

Rentals in high season range from $3400 to $5000 per month before added fees and taxes. 

All seasonal rentals are furnished and turn-key.